Lenord's First Christmas

What is Christmas All About, Pastor Phil?

Wat iz cwismas about me pheel? That is how it sounded coming from a small child who asked me what is Christmas all about. I love it when children are seeking understanding about life, and then take great joy when they hear the answer. As adults, we don't always have the answers so we come up with something quick and sometimes those answers backfire on us and that has certainly happened when trying to prove Christmas. I cannot prove all the mystical things about Christmas, and certainly cannot describe how each culture chooses different ways to celebrate Christmas, so that makes this child's question a brilliant one.

However, I could tell the child who it was always about. We sat down and I shared that Jesus was born here on earth for us, and he so desired to be our savior from the beginning of time so we could live with him forever, and when we receive him into our hearts, we will live with him in heaven. And every year he invites us to his birthday party! But since he has everything, he wanted to change the rules a little for his birthday party and instead of getting gifts for his birthday he wants us to give to others.

The child said; what kind of gifts? Well, that's a great question too! You see, Jesus loves to give things to people he already has, and he gave us love, joy, and peace. And if you give love, joy, and peace when you give a gift to someone then that gift will be great!

The child was excited! She said; Ima gona dwar a pictuwe for Daddy and Mommy because I love dem and Ima gona get a tweat fo my doggy because he makes me happy. And then she said something you don't expect children to say; Ima gona get some food fo my fwiend because deys don't have any.

I told her, "I think that is exactly what Jesus would do too". The smile from that little one was worth the whole conversation. She was on a mission. Infact, we all should be as excited as she was to show love, joy, and peace this Christmas.

This Christmas Eve we are having a musical play about a Monster who wants to learn about Christmas. It is called "Lenord's First Christmas". I promise you a lot of laughter and joy if you come, as Lenord learns where Christmas came from and what it is all about. It will be held on Sunday, December 24 at 5:00PM, New Freedom Outreach Center, 250 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO. I promise the kids as well as adults will enjoy the show. We will be giving the kids gifts at the end and they can take a picture with the bashful monster Lenord before leaving.

Don't forget to tell Jesus this Christmas, "Happy Birthday Jesus!"

-- Guest Columnist of Berthoud Weekly Surveyor, November 23, 2017, Phil Brewster, Pastor at New Freedom Outreach Center