I have had the privilege to be in Ministry for 23 years at one level or another. It’s been a huge part of God transforming my life. I gave my life to the Lord at the age of 13 and I remember it well. It was July of 1976, and I call it my supernatural bi-centennial summer. But shortly after because of the word (Mark 4: 15) that was planted in me the enemy came immediately, and I slowly fell out of love with God because of the changes in my family’s life. It was a good excuse to live my way. Thank God he never gives up on us, because it was a slow process learning to trust him again, even while I was serving in church. Now, because of my close relationship with God and the years of transforming my thought process, I have the honor of speaking into others the truth of God’s word. But, not like you may think,
 I am called to go where the rubber meets the road, where people live, where life doesn’t make sense, and share God’s love and truth. Belinda and I have had 25 years of a storybook marriage. We have two wonderful children and one grandson – so far. Our church is like family. Just like a family we go through what families go through, so church is relational and powerful. You have to be ready for a hug when you come here, and get used to them, because that’s what family does. Throw away your pre-conceived ideas of what church should look like, and enjoy Jesus when you walk through the door.
New Freedom is not a performance church – but wow, what a real church. We will be looking for you.

Pastor Phil Brewster  - Lead Pastor